Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bali Travel Tips

Hire an English-speaking personal driver. We have been going to Bali for almost 20 years and we always call on our friend Wahde, who is like family to us, so we highly recommend his services. Whether you are interested in shopping, visiting temples, going from one side of the island to visiting healers, teachers and even Brahmans. Wahde has always been there for us.

Contact Wadhe on his mobile: +62 813 3834 9954 but it is best if you contact him a few days in advance so that he can accommodate your plans. You can also send him a message through Facebook at: He is a safe driver and can take you to all that Bali has to offer. He also can give you tips on where to stay, shop and where to avoid as well as give you some tips about the secret culture of Bali that most tourist might miss.

Having a driver will save you time and money as most of the tourist attractions in Bali can be hours away from each other and there are alot of drivers that are looking for unsuspecting tourist to take advantage of with high fees and other scams so it is best to go with someone you know or are recommended. Taking multiple cab rides might also hurt your pocket.

Shop for souvenirs and pasalubong in the Tanah Lot area. If you do buy your souvenirs at Bazaars as chances are, you'll be paying for them 3-4 times the normal price so be sure to haggle as it is considered good business. Shops that offer fixed prices can be found outside the Tanah Lot complex. Some places such as the Tanah Lot complex you do not need to haggle as prices are amazingly cheap.

Avoid traffic jams. Do this by leaving your hotel early and going against the tide of tourists that go to spots at a certain time. Wadhe can assist you with planning your travels so feel free to ask for his feedback. Staying away from the tourist hot spots and going out of Kuta is what we prefer to do. Ubud and even Lovina are alot more relaxed and relatively more cultural.

We have many sarongs over the years but you do not need to buy a sarong. If you need one to go to a temple, most have vendors outside who will explain that you need them to enter the temple and will encourage you to buy from them. It's true that most temple administrators will not allow you to enter without a sarong. It is a sign of respect and a demonstration of your own gratitude to the people of Bali, their culture and ancestors to wear suitable clothing. In some instances, some of the public temples charge entrance fees that include sarong rental so there is no need to buy your own. Unless you're like us and want to bring one home as Balinese sarongs do have beautiful designs.

If you're in Bali for some relaxation, stay in Seminyak. For partying and wild drinking nights, Kuta is the place for you. Check out our exclusive range of villas to make you and your friends stay even more unforgettable. If you're looking for a more artistic type of retreat, it will be best to stay in Ubud. A more remote destination for the more familiar is Chanti Dasa or even Lovina in the north in Singaraja.

Bali certainly has something to offer for everyone. Make friends, do some shopping, soak up the culture, history and you will quickly discover why this secret paradise destination is so unique and why so many people consider it a spiritual home.